Will Power Washing Damage My Home’s Exterior?

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While the short answer is that power washing could possibly damage your home’s exterior, it really depends on several factors that will be unique and specific to your home and what is being cleaned. When you are looking to have things power washed, you will undoubtedly want to hire professionals to complete the job. You will also want to be sure that the professionals are well-trained and insured before they come to your home. ASF Clean Team only employs those well-trained and insured experts, and luckily for you, we are also experts in the best ways to go about cleaning any home!

We offer power washing and know when to use it.

While power washing can damage certain types of surfaces and homes, we are experts in knowing how and when to use this fantastic cleaning method. The hot water used in power washing ensures that any greasy or stubborn, sticky substance is removed from the home without the use of harsh chemicals. This is a beautiful benefit to the use of this technique. You only have to be sure you are using it appropriately. 

We know what to do when power washing isn’t appropriate.

Suppose we determine that power washing would, in fact, damage your property. In that case, we have other options that allow us to still clean your home effectively! We can utilize our soft washing techniques to ensure that every part of your home is cared for and left sparkling clean. Our experts are trained to know the correct processes, and we will discuss all of those with you when you reach out to get your individualized quote. You can even receive this online to help save you some time. 

We can clean gutters, solar panels, cobwebs, and the inside of your home while we are there!

If you are looking for other things to be cleaned so that your home is pristine for the holidays, we can also service that need. With offerings of gutter cleaning, solar panel cleaning, cobweb removal, and even home disinfection, we are fully prepared to offer whatever your home needs to be as good as new without damaging a single part of it. You can simply let us know if you want to add on any of these services when you get your quote, and we will include it in all the information we send back. 

We know your home is a precious investment you have made for you and your loved ones. We offer just about any method you would need to make a home appear brand new. You could be on your way to a sparkling clean house with a quick message online.

Let ASF Clean Team help you to keep it in top condition by having our trained experts come out and help you clean it today. With all that we offer, we will have the methods necessary to clean whatever you may have on the exterior of your home.

Don’t take the chance of damaging anything by doing this job yourself. We can’t wait to serve you.

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