Trust Professionals to Clean Up Cobwebs

cobwebs on a porch lamp in San Francisco

Cobwebs: nature’s yearlong Halloween decoration that nobody wants. No matter how often you dust or spray for bugs, they just keep coming back. Is there some secret trick to getting rid of them? We think there is — have a professional do it. No matter how well you clean, it just can’t compare to a professional job. Still don’t believe us? Here’s why you should trust professionals to clean up cobwebs.

We’re Not Afraid of Spiders

Let’s just start with the main reason you want a professional to clean up your cobwebs: you don’t want to deal with those creepy crawlies. Even though you don’t often see spiders in cobwebs, the thought is still in the back of your mind, right? Well, it’s not in ours. We don’t care if there are spiders there; we just want you to have a clean home or office free of cobwebs and potential danger from poisonous spiders, like black widows.

We’re Also Not Afraid of Heights

We all have those neighbors who leave their Christmas lights up all year. There may also be a neighbor who looks like they’re leaving their Halloween decorations up all year, judging by the number of cobwebs they have on their home’s exterior. Can’t think of a neighbor like that? It may be you!

We’re just kidding, but cobwebs really can take over the exterior of buildings as well, even though it might not be as noticeable. And just like no one wants to clean out their gutters, no one wants to clean up the cobwebs outside of their building (especially if you’re in a high-rise office building). So, let the professionals do it. We’re not afraid of heights, and we have the equipment to make the job easier.

We Have the Right Tools

If your vacuum, duster, and insecticide aren’t keeping the cobwebs away, you may need some professional help. Professionals have more powerful tools than the average person. These tools really get the job done — you won’t even know there was a cobweb there before. Plus, like we said before, our tools can reach into really high and awkward places. So you won’t hurt your back trying to get the cobweb out of that corner, from behind that bookshelf, or from under that table.

Trust ASF Clean Team to Clean Up Cobwebs

Now that you know why you should trust professionals to clean up cobwebs, you need to choose a professional to do it for you. If you live in the San Francisco area, you can trust ASF Clean Team. At ASF Clean Team, we provide both residential and commercial cleaning services to give your home or business a sparkling finish. And how do we do this, you ask? With just professional tools and hot water — no chemicals! 

ASF Clean Team also has an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau, so you know you’re working with true professionals. Plus, if you sign a 3 year cleaning contract, your prices won’t go up and your cobweb cleaning will be free! Request a bid today to get started.

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