Why You Should Trust Professionals for Roof & Gutter Cleaning

Roof & Gutter Cleaning

Fall is getting closer and with fall comes falling leaves. That must be how it got its name, huh? Anyway, with fall approaching it’s time to start thinking about roof and gutter cleaning. You don’t want to do it yourself—no one does. Here’s why you should trust professionals for roof and gutter cleaning.

Your Roof & Gutters are Like…Really High

Raise your hand if you’re afraid of heights! While YOU may have raised your hand, no professional roof and gutter cleaner did. Your roof and gutters are really high up on your house. And if you’re going to clean them yourself, you’re going to have to be the one who goes up there. You won’t just have to do the work of climbing up there and cleaning them. You’ll also have to pay for the safety equipment you need so that you don’t seriously injure yourself if you fall. 

Instead, the professionals can take care of it! We already have all of the safety equipment needed, and we’re super comfortable with climbing to higher surfaces. But, we won’t always need to! We have some equipment that can reach your gutters without us ever leaving the ground.

Roof & Gutter Cleaning Professionals Have Insurance

One of the biggest hesitations of having someone come clean your roof and gutters for you is what happens if they get hurt. Hopefully, with professionals they won’t get hurt, but you never know. Accidents happen. This is exactly why you shouldn’t take your neighbor, Dave, up on his offer to clean your roof and gutters. Dave likely doesn’t have his own insurance, and even if he does, there is still a risk that he’ll sue you. But that’s not a concern with insured professionals (or at least most professionals). If a company is truly reliable, like ASF Clean Team, they’ll have insurance for all of their employees. That means if someone gets hurt, you won’t be liable.

Our Tools Get a Better Clean

Think about times in the past that you have been cleaning, not necessarily your roof and gutters, but just cleaning in general. How many of those times, towards the end, are you feeling like, “Eh, that’s fine” and you don’t clean as well because you just want to get it done? Probably a lot. Well, with professionals, you won’t have that issue. First, it’s our job, so we actually enjoy doing it. But we also have better tools to clean than you are able to purchase. Our tools will make your roof and gutters sparkling clean. Plus, they get the job done faster than just a hose and hands, so you never have to worry about us saying, “Eh, it’s fine” just to get the job over with. You’ll even get before and after pictures to truly see the difference (because you still don’t want to climb up on that roof).

There’s no question why you should trust professionals for roof and gutter cleaning. Get ready for the fall by getting a quote and  scheduling your roof and gutter cleaning with ASF Clean Team today.

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