Why Our Tools are Better for Solar Panel Cleaning

Why Our Tools are Better for Solar Panel Cleaning

You live in sunny California, so you decided to get solar panels. After all, the sun’s always shining and it’ll save you money in the long run. But recently, you’ve noticed that the solar panels haven’t been working as well and they haven’t been saving you as much money. You’ve tried cleaning the solar panels, but it apparently hasn’t worked. We have a secret to share with you—this is why our tools are better for solar panel cleaning.

Our Tools Filter Water

If you’re just using a hose to clean your solar panels, or are trusting the once-in-a-blue-moon rain to get the job done, your solar panels aren’t actually getting clean. Why is that? Because that water isn’t filtered. At ASF Clean Team, we only use water and no chemicals to clean, so you may assume there isn’t a huge difference. But there is! When you use water from a hose, there’s absolutely no filtration. This means that there are minerals still in the water, and the mineral deposits will stay on your solar panels. So, even if you think you cleaned your solar panels really well, they won’t be 100% clean.

Our Tools Are Designed to Clean Solar Panels

If you go to Lowe’s or Home Depot, there is no section for “Solar Panel Cleaners”. In fact, most people just use a hose to clean their solar panels. We’ve already discussed why that doesn’t work, so you may think if you just get a rag and go at it by hand with a bucket of filtered water, you’ll be fine. But, that’s still not the case either.

How many times have you cleaned a window or mirror, and no matter how many different directions you moved the rag in, there were still little fuzzies left behind? The same concept applies to cleaning solar panels. If you clean them with a rag, squeegee, or whatever you get at the hardware store, there’s going to be something left behind. It’s inevitable because those tools weren’t designed to clean solar panels. 

On the flip side, our tools are designed for solar panel cleaning. Not only do they filter water, but there will also be no streak left behind. So, you’ll regain 100% use of your solar panel power.

Our Tools Are Just Longer

Some of you may be lucky enough to have solar panels in your backyard, but a lot of people have solar panels on their roofs. And when your solar panels are all the way up there, you don’t want to have to clean them yourself. Luckily, we have tools that can get us safely up there to clean your solar panels. Plus, we’re insured, so you don’t have to worry about what to do if an accident occurs. 

It’s clear why our tools are better for solar panel cleaning than anything you could get from a hardware store. Are you ready to make more of your solar panel investment with a professional cleaning? Get a quote from ASF Clean Team today.

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