Why it’s Important to Hire an Insured Window Cleaning Service in San Francisco

an insured window cleaning service's employees cleaning high rise windows

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a window cleaning service. Do they have good reviews? How long have they been established? Are they within the budget? But, one thing you may not think to consider is: Do they have insurance? Let’s break down why it’s important to hire an insured window cleaning service in San Francisco.

Why do I need an insured window cleaning service?

Insurance is not required for window cleaning services in California. So, why is it important to hire an insured window cleaning service in San Francisco? 

Insurance does not just protect the window cleaning business. It protects their company, their employees, and their clients (you). Accidents can happen anywhere, even with professionals. And when someone is performing a service like high-rise window cleaning, accidents can be serious. 

Window cleaning insurance often covers instances such as an employee or passerby getting injured. Whether the injury is major or minor, you don’t want that falling back on you and your insurance. So, when your window cleaning service has their own insurance, it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

Are there any other benefits?

There are benefits to hiring an insured window cleaning service other than the insurance itself. If a company is going above the standard with insurance, you can imagine they’ll go above the standard with everything else.

For example, the standard of window cleaning is to use chemicals. At ASF Clean Team, we don’t find chemicals necessary for most projects. Our state-of-the-art tools and hot, filtered water do the trick. The surface is left clean with no streaks, and with no lingering chemicals. 

We also go above and beyond to build relationships with our clients. We know you’re busy, so we’ll send reminders when we’re coming. And as long as we have access to the areas we’re cleaning, you don’t need to be there. We’ll send you before and after pictures, and will leave your windows sparkling.

When you choose a window cleaning service with insurance, you’re likely to choose a window cleaning service that meets all of your other requirements. You can be confident that you’re hiring a professional business that doesn’t cut corners to get a job done.

Hire a window cleaning service that cares

An insured window cleaning service is not just a bonus. Insurance shows that the company truly cares about their employees, their clients, and anyone who may come along while they’re working. They’re going the extra mile to protect everyone, and that is going to show in the work that they do. An insured, licensed, and bonded window cleaning service isn’t just going to do the bare minimum; they’re going to get the job done right.

At ASF Clean Team, we care about our employees and our clients. We carry insurance for all of our employees, so if an accident were to happen, the logistics are taken care of. Contact us today for a quote and to learn more about how ASF Clean Team can help you.

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