Why Chemicals are Usually Unnecessary for Exterior and Window Cleaning in San Francisco

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When you think about cleaning, you probably think about cleaning products. Whether it’s bleach, window cleaning spray, or even a disinfecting wipe, you probably use these products to clean. But, your skin may feel extra dry when you’re done, or you may have a headache… or even both. When you’re looking at a bigger space to clean, like your home’s exterior and windows, you don’t want to inhale all of those chemicals, even if you’re outside. Well, the good news is that we’ve found that chemicals are usually unnecessary for exterior and window cleaning in San Francisco.

Say Goodbye to the Chemicals

When you say goodbye to traditional chemicals, you may think that you need to replace them with a “greener” option. But, that’s not necessarily true. At ASF Clean Team, we’ve found that chemicals are usually unnecessary for exterior and window cleaning. While we may use an eco-friendly, biodegradable cleaner here and there, 99% of the time we can get the job done with just water.

Why is this? According to the United States Geological Survey, water is considered the “universal solvent”. No other liquids can dissolve as many substances as water. So, when it comes to the dirt and grime on your home’s exterior and windows, most of it can be cleaned off with just water.

Plus, the cleaning products you see on the shelves are mostly made of water. The chemicals have to be diluted, and water is the key. So, with the right methods, you can safely skip the chemicals and just go straight to water to get your cleaning done. You won’t be left with any of the greasy residue from the cleaning products, and no matter what surface you clean, you won’t have to worry about damage from the cleaning solution.

The Trick is in the Window Cleaning Tools

Water can’t just do the job by itself, though. You’ve probably tried at home. If you have a mess that’s sat there for a while, you need something stronger than water. So, if you’re cleaning dishes, you may use the textured side of your sponge or the scraper on your dish brush. 

At ASF Clean Team, we use tools specially designed to clean the surfaces we’re working on. For window washing, we have tools that will ensure no streaks are left behind. And for the rest of your home’s exterior, we have three options: power washing, pressure washing, and soft washing. The differences between these three methods come down to the amount of pressure and heat used when cleaning. The method is determined by the surface we’re cleaning to help ensure the job gets done without damage. Your sidewalk and your home’s siding have different needs, and our tools ensure they are met properly.

Say Hello to a Clean Home

Are you ready for a home that’s clean without all the chemicals? At ASF Clean Team, we have you covered. Chemicals are usually unnecessary for exterior and window cleaning in San Francisco, especially when you have professionals with the right tools doing the job for you. Contact us today to learn more.

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