When is the Best Time to Get Solar Panel Cleaning Done in San Francisco?

dirty solar panel that needs solar panel cleaning done

When it comes Anadrol Cycle Length to solar panel cleaning in San Francisco, most experts agree that you should clean your panels at least once every spring and once every fall. Some people have even reported that they notice an increase in energy production after their first spring cleaning. 

If you’re unsure of when your solar panels should be cleaned, here are some tips to help you find the best time to get them done.

What is the Best Time of Year to Get Solar Panel Cleaning Done in San Francisco?

Our residential solar panel cleaning services will come clean your solar panels whenever you schedule us to. However, we’ve found that homeowners typically order solar panel cleaning services early spring before plants and shrubs start budding up again, or fall before some winter rain arrived.

Plus, particularly in California, we have to factor in the amount of ash that may end up on your solar panels during wildfire season. 

So we recommend getting your solar panels cleaned once in spring, once after wildfire season to remove ash, and maybe once more in fall before it rains (hopefully!). 

Even with this in mind, you may want to get your solar panels cleaned during the “non-peak” seasons, because we often get booked up during spring and fall.

Really, the best time to clean your solar panels is if they are dirty!

The Pros of Solar Panel Cleaning Several Times a Year

While it’s recommended to get solar panels cleaned every six months, some property owners wait up to a year depending on how much dirt, dust, and debris they are exposed to. We don’t recommend waiting, though, because this layer of dust can and will impact the effectiveness of your solar panels.

It’s important to keep your residential or commercial solar panels clean for many reasons. Solar panels are part of a larger electrical system and it’s important that all parts of that system work well together. 

If your electrical components aren’t working correctly, you might be faced with some costly problems over time. For example, if your equipment isn’t producing energy properly due to grime buildup, you could lose out on subsidies from certain energy providers. 

In other words, getting professional help from ASF Clean Team might save you money in both the short and long term.

The Cons of Waiting for Too Long

If you wait too long, your solar panels will likely become caked with dirt, dust, ash, and bird droppings. This can pose a fire hazard and impede your system’s ability to harvest power efficiently. 

Further, with wear and tear on panels come much larger costs down the road: you may need replacement systems if your current ones are broken or dysfunctional. 

So by getting your solar panels cleaned several times a year will not only ensure that they operate at maximum efficiency, but cleaning them protects your investment in the long run. 

Final Thoughts

Consider getting your solar panels cleaned by us at ASF Clean Team twice a year or more. We are based in San Francisco and provide exceptional residential solar panel cleaning and commercial solar panel cleaning services, and you’ll never have to worry about your solar panels being compromised by dirt again. Contact us today for a free custom quote.

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