When is the Best Time to get San Francisco Commercial Window Cleaning Done?

You’ve decided you need to get San Francisco commercial window cleaning done on your office building. But is now the best time to do it? Or should you wait until later in the year? Is there a particular schedule you should follow for your regular window cleanings? It’s a lot to figure out, but you’re not alone. We’re here to help you figure out the best time to get San Francisco commercial window cleaning done.

Ring in the Spring

The most common time to get San Francisco commercial window cleaning done is spring. It doesn’t matter that we live in sunny California – no one gets anything done in winter. And that’s okay! But when springtime comes around and people start moving about more, it’s time to start cleaning again. So, when you’re doing all of your other spring cleaning, you might as well get your window cleaning checked off the list, too.

If you decide to get your window cleaning done late in the season, though, don’t worry. Spring schedules may be booked for your favorite professional window cleaning companies, like ASF Clean Team. It’s not the end of the world to have your window cleaning done in the summer. We just recommend scheduling the time based on which way your windows are facing. In the summer, the heat from the sun can cause your windows to dry too soon. But, it can be mitigated if you schedule the window cleaning opposite of the sun’s rotation. If your windows face east, schedule your window cleaning for the afternoon, and vice versa.

Fade into Fall

At ASF Clean Team, we recommend San Francisco commercial window cleaning once or twice a year. So, the other time of year we recommend scheduling your window cleaning is in the fall. Ideally, you’ll schedule your spring and fall cleanings six months apart. Or, if you just want to do it once a year and missed the spring booking, just go ahead and schedule for the fall. 

In San Francisco, fall can be a great time for commercial window cleaning as well because of all the ash. The unfortunate reality is that wildfires tend to spread in California during the summer months, and ash can gather on our roofs, gutters, and windows. By scheduling your window cleaning service in fall, the ash won’t be sitting there until spring.

Schedule San Francisco Commercial Window Cleaning

If you’re looking to schedule San Francisco commercial window cleaning during the best times of the year, getting on the books early is important. Spots can fill fast, and you don’t want to be stuck cleaning the windows yourself or getting a non-reputable window cleaner.

At ASF Clean Team, we carry insurance for all of our professionals, so you don’t have to worry about us cleaning your high-rise windows. Plus, we provide more than just window cleaning services. Looking to clean ash off more than just your windows in the fall, or getting more than just windows cleaned during spring cleaning? We have you covered. Contact us today to learn more and get a quote.

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