What is the Best Exterior Window Cleaning Solution?

expert window cleaner washing with a window cleaning solution

No matter what you try, it seems like you just can’t get your exterior windows as clean as you want. Either there’s a streaky residue once you’re done, or you can’t reach the window to clean it all! So, what’s the best exterior window cleaning solution?

Here at ASF Clean Team, we have the skills and tools needed to give your windows that sparkling finish you’ve been looking for. Here’s how.

Window Cleaning Solution #1 – Non-Toxic Cleaners

We never use toxic chemicals to clean anything in your home or on your property. What professional-grade window washing liquid cleaners we do use are chemical-free or contain only safe, non-toxic chemicals. 

These cleaning solutions are scientifically designed to clean glass windows and remove dirt, bird droppings, and squashed bugs. Squeegees also glide smoothly across the pane, which leads to no streaks. Plus, since they’re highly concentrated, most of these liquid cleaners only need a few ounces added to several gallons of water to achieve an effective clean result.

Window Cleaning Solution #2 – Piping Hot Filtered Water

Nothing cleans windows like the classic: hot water. Hot water soaks deep and helps to dislodge stubborn dirt and debris, making it much more efficient to thoroughly wash your windows.

Plus we have equipment that filters the hot water, so we’re washing your windows with only the cleanest, purest water. We do this because the water in California is “hard,” which means it has high levels of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals. When nonfiltered hard water is used for cleaning windows, it leaves behind streaks and mineral build-up. But with filtered, hot water, plus a professional-grade liquid cleaner, your windows will get the deep scrubbing they need to shine again.

water fed pole window cleaning solution cleans a window
State-of-the-art tools like this water-fed pole allow us to wash windows on an upper level from the ground level.

Window Cleaning Solution #3 – State-of-the-Art Tools

At ASF Clean Team, you won’t find run-of-the-mill tools in our toolbelts when we clean your windows. All of our squeegees, scrapers, rags, and more are professional quality and designed to provide the best clean to exterior windows. We only use state-of-the-art tools that not only give your windows the best clean, but keep you and our team safe. 

Our tools and training enable us to clean multiple stories on a building. Cleaning windows on the second floor and up is dangerous without the right equipment. We have high-rise cleaning tools like water-fed poles that let us reach an upper-level window from the ground level. And if we do need to scale a high-rise building to clean your windows, we have safety equipment like harnesses, ropes, helmets, seat boards, boom lifts, and so much more. We’re also licensed, certified, bonded, and insured. There’s no better cleaning solution than a reliable, safe, experienced team!

What Does This Mean for Your Windows?

Between the hot, filtered water, state-of-the-art tools, and non-toxic cleaning solutions, your windows will have a sparkling finish with a streak-free shine when we’re through.

Ready to get the best cleaning experience for your exterior windows? Reach out to ASF Clean team for a custom quote today! We proudly serve the San Francisco Bay area and surrounding neighborhoods.

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