What Does “Soft Washing” Mean?

soft washing

Alright, alright. So there’s pressure washing and power washing, and now you’re finding out there’s another term—soft washing. How do you keep all of these straight? And what does “soft washing” even mean? Well, let’s clear up the confusion right now.

Seriously. What’s the difference?

You probably already understand the difference between pressure washing and power washing. So where does soft washing fit in? To review, pressure washing and power washing are pretty similar. Pressure washing uses a lot of pressure, and power washing does the same, but uses really, really hot water. Soft washing is basically just another variation. Soft washing typically only requires cold water, but soft hot pressure washing can also be requested. 

While pressure washing and power washing work great for a lot of surfaces, they don’t work great for all surfaces. Some surfaces just can’t take all the pressure and need a little more TLC. So, soft washing still uses water to clean these surfaces, but with less pressure. 

Does soft washing still clean my home?

The selling point of pressure washing and power washing is that the high pressure helps get all the dirt off of your building, driveway, etc. So what happens if you take away some of that pressure? Does it still get the job done?

Even with less pressure, soft washing still gives surfaces a great clean. It can get rid of anything on the exterior of your home or business, including algae and mildew. The process is ideal for protecting surfaces that can’t handle the pressure.

Can I soft wash it myself?

Technically, you can soft wash on your own. You can find all kinds of articles and videos online about it. But, we don’t like to deal with technicalities. We like to deal with safety.

Oftentimes when we talk about surfaces suitable for this service, we’re referring to the exterior of some buildings and roofs. Cleaning these surfaces often involves a ladder. Plus, even though you’re dealing with less pressure, you’re still dealing with pressurized water. If you’re not a trained professional, it’s not necessarily the safest situation to put yourself in. Just one slip and you could be in a lot of danger.

But isn’t it dangerous for you, too?

All of these services can all be dangerous. They often usually involve equipment and ladders. But, when you’re working with trained professionals, it’s less dangerous. We undergo the training necessary to perform these services safely, and we have access to better tools for the process than you can get at the big box store.

But accidents still happen. That’s why at ASF Clean Team, we have insurance for all of our employees. If an accident happens while we’re providing your service, we have it covered.
If you need residential soft washing or commercial soft washing services, let us know. We can even help you figure out which of these services is best for your surfaces. Contact us today.

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