The Kinds of Washing Methods: Pressure Washing, Power Washing, and Soft Power Washing Explained

a man pressure washing a sidewalk

Spring is right around the corner, and you’re starting to think about how the outside of your home looks. You’re planning out your spring garden and you want the rest of your home to look just as beautiful. It is the first thing people see, after all. You started doing some research on how to clean your home and you came across washing methods generalized as “pressure washing.”

You’ve heard of that before, you even think your friend might have a pressure washer. But you didn’t realize there were so many different ways to clean your home’s exterior. Today, we’re going to explain the differences between the kinds of washing methods like pressure washing, power washing, and soft power washing.

The Basics of Exterior Washing Methods

Before we get into the details, let’s just start by going over the basics of pressure washing. There are three washing methods: pressure washing, power washing, and soft power washing. All three types use different levels of pressure and temperature of water to clean your home’s exterior:

  • Pressure washing uses high pressure and low temperature
  • Power washing uses high pressure and high temperature
  • Soft power washing uses low pressure and high temperature

Each of these washing methods has its own purpose, which we’ll go into more detail about later. 

But, it’s important to know that not all types are created the same for every surface. If you borrow your friend’s pressure washer or even rent or buy one, it may not be what you really need. Not only may it not get the job done, but you might also end up damaging some of your property in the process.

Washing Method 1: Pressure Washing 

Sometimes scrubbing with a brush just isn’t enough to clean some surfaces. Pressure washing is used to clean exterior surfaces that need a deep clean. Whether it’s your driveway, your brick walkway, or even your wooden deck or patio furniture, it can get the job done. 

Pressure washing isn’t always the ideal method for some surfaces, though. It isn’t a good fit for more delicate surfaces.

Washing Method 2: Power Washing

Sometimes you’ll have dirty surfaces that are just being stubborn. Maybe your wooden deck or furniture has grown moss or algae. If you pressure wash it long enough, it’ll get clean.

But, these are sturdier surfaces that can withstand the high pressure and high heat of power washing. So, when you get to those more stubborn surfaces that need a higher temperature of water to get the job done, power washing is the way to go.

Washing Method 3: Soft Power Washing

As stated above, not all surfaces can withstand the heat and pressure that come with these first two methods. Think of the side of your home, or maybe the awning of your business. Those surfaces are just not meant to withstand the combination of heat and pressure used in pressure and power washing. This is where soft power washing comes in.

Soft power washing uses a lower pressure and a lower temperature than the other methods (though hot water can be specially requested). This method is gentler on the more sensitive surfaces than pressure or power washing.

a man pressure washing an awning

Determining the Kind of Washing Method to Use

Even though you now know what the different kinds of washing methods are used for, you probably still don’t know when to use them on your home. It can get kind of confusing after all. Is this surface too sensitive for pressure washing? Is this gunk stubborn enough for power washing? It’s hard to know if you’re not a professional.

Keep in mind that the pressure washer you buy or borrow will only let you pressure wash your property, not power wash or hot power wash it. So, you can save yourself some money there and just let the professionals handle it!

Professional cleaners, like those at ASF Clean Team, are trained to know which method to use for different types of surfaces. What may be confusing to you is just second nature to us, as we do it all the time. Plus, we have the tools to be able to do all three of these methods, which aren’t available at the big box stores. 

Choosing a Company to Clean Your Property

Your home is important, and you don’t want to trust just anybody to pressure wash it. Your grandpa may know a guy, but if that guy only has a pressure washer, he’s just not going to get the job done right. Instead, look at professional cleaning companies, even those you may not expect. At ASF Clean Team, we’re known for our window cleaning services, but we are trained in all three kinds of washing methods and other services, as well. 

In addition, you’re going to want to find a cleaning company that carries insurance. Not all companies do this, as it’s not required by law. But think about it. You don’t just want the lower part of your home cleaned; you want the whole thing cleaned. That involves climbing, and climbing can lead to accidents. Accidents can lead to insurance claims, and all of a sudden your bill is way more than you expected. So, just save yourself the hassle and find a cleaning company with insurance, like ASF Clean Team.

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If you live in the San Francisco or Sacramento areas, save time and schedule your cleaning service with ASF Clean Team today. We use eco-friendly cleaning methods, are trained in all three kinds of pressure washing, and carry insurance for all of our employees. Plus, if you need any other cleaning done, like window washing, we can take care of that at the same time. Don’t delay; call ASF Clean Team today.

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