The Impact of Graffiti and How to Get it Removed

San Francisco storefront with the impact of graffiti

The impact of graffiti has a wide range of negative connotations associated with it and can be particularly harmful to homeowners and businesses. A business with graffiti and other vandalism can deter potential customers, posing a challenge to the local economy. And a homeowner may not feel comfortable in their own home if their place has been “tagged.” That’s why cities like San Francisco are so diligent in addressing the issue soon after it arises. Here are some of the negative impacts of graffiti and how you can get it removed from your home or business quickly and professionally.

Negative Impact of Graffiti


One of the top negative impacts of graffiti is its association with gangs since many use it as a means to mark out their territory. The rest of the population that inhabits a certain area, unfortunately, pays the consequences of the unsightly images resulting from it.

Many residents in areas where graffiti is rampant experience tremendous fear because they know that gangs are lingering in the areas where graffiti is present.

Slows Business

Customers don’t want to be visiting businesses in areas with storefronts that are covered in graffiti. The feeling of safety and security diminishes when you enter parts of town that display graffiti.

Causes Uneasiness In Communities

Graffiti can cause a feeling of unease in a community, and it can cause potential homeowners to not even consider looking at real estate in communities that contain graffiti. Graffiti is commonly caused by youth-aged individuals that are starting a gang initiation, and it’s a gateway for other offenders, as well.

How to Get Graffiti Removed

While you could try to find a way to remove graffiti yourself, you may not be able to get it all off on your own. That’s why it’s best to reach out to a professional company like ASF Clean Team for graffiti removal services. We have the right tools, cleaning solutions, and techniques to remove graffiti. With us, you can be sure that the graffiti is thoroughly cleaned and removed from your building.

We use power washing with piping hot water and a biodegradable emulsifier to clean the graffiti deeply and effectively. Once we’re done, graffiti vandalism is completely gone, and you wouldn’t even know it was there in the first place!

At ASF Clean Team, we believe that toxic chemicals don’t need to be used during graffiti removal. To ensure that the job is done beyond customer expectations, we always take before and after photos to show improvement. 

We know how important it is to get graffiti removed in a quick and timely manner, and that’s why we move fast to get to the graffiti site in under 48 hours.

Graffiti Removal Services from ASF Clean Team

Don’t let your home or business feel the negative impact of graffiti. The first impression is the most important one when a person walks up to a new building. The best way to ensure that graffiti is fully removed from your building in San Francisco is by contacting ASF Clean Team. Reach out to us today for a free custom quote

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