Spring Cleaning Checklist – Get it All Done in One Job!

spring cleaning checklist

Ah, spring is finally here. The sunshine, the birds, the breeze, the green grass…and the dreaded spring cleaning. It’s something we have to do every year, but no one enjoys on their own. But what if there was a way you could get it done all in one day? And what if you didn’t even need to do it yourself? That’s where the ASF Clean Team comes in. We’ll complete your spring cleaning checklist and get it all done in one job!

Wash the windows.

Every year you try to clean your windows, and every year you are left with a streaky mess. Plus, if you live in a two story home, you can’t even get to the outside of the higher windows without a tall ladder. With our professional help and state-of-the-art tools, that won’t happen. Your windows will be streak-free, inside and out, and you won’t have to climb that ladder again.

You’ll want to let the fresh spring air in. But as soon as you go to open your windows, you’ll find dust build up on your screens and in the tracks. So, all that will do is blow in more dust. Our services include a thorough cleaning of your entire window system — not just the glass — which includes the screen and tracks. So you can let the spring breeze blow freely into your home.

Grapple with the gutters.

Next on the spring cleaning to do list also involves a ladder: cleaning the gutters. Debris and dirt build up over time in gutters, thanks to high winds, shade trees, and even squirrels and birds packing away goodies during winter. And when it does rain, all that dirt and debris gets gunked up and clogs your gutters. Then quickly dries in the sun, cementing the mess into place and making it hard to remove. Not very fun to clean up! So, we completely understand why you wouldn’t want to clean them. While it’s a necessary chore, cleaning gutters is a risky one, especially if you have a two-story or more home. You can trust our insured cleaning company to climb that ladder for you and thoroughly clean your gutters.

Power wash the patio; soft wash the stoop.

Has the outside of your house gotten a good power wash or clean recently? What about your deck, roof, or patio? Treat your house to the cleaning it deserves this year with a professional hot power wash or pressure wash. We’ll get all the grime and dirt off of your home’s exterior and leave it shining like it’s brand new.

We also offer “soft” washing for all fragile facades and stoops. Restored historic homes weren’t made for ultra strong power washing like concrete sidewalks are, so we offer. Our tools for soft washing have lower psi but higher water temperature, so we get the deep clean without the damage. When you’ve worked hard to fix up the exterior of an antique home and add curb appeal to your stoop, you’ll want to protect your investment with soft washing!

Clean the solar panels.

Did you know that solar panels work better when they’re cleaned regularly? If you’re having low charge with your solar power, your solar panels may need to be cleaned.. However, it’s not advised to do this yourself: water from the hose can create calcium build-up, meaning you’ll need to clean them again anyway. Instead of going through all that work, just let the professionals take care of it.

Our tools were made to provide the best clean for solar panels. We use a waterfed pole with a bristle brush and filter the hard water from your spigot through a high-quality filter purification system. So we wash your solar panels with purely clean water and gentle tools.

Double down on disinfectant

Disinfecting household surfaces isn’t something reserved for spring. However, it’s always good to have your home and business professionally disinfected at least once a year. Spring is the perfect time to do this because it comes right after cold and flu season (plus, now, COVID).

We know it’s been a long year, but we’re in this together with you! It’s not just about cleaning but having peace of mind. Whether you want your home to feel fresh after months in quarantine or you’re working hard to re-open your business, we’re here to help you. 

Check off your to do list

Are you ready to finish your spring cleaning checklist and get it all done in one job? If you’re looking for someone to wash your windows, consider having us perform a variety of services while we’re there. From window washing to power washing to disinfecting, and everything in between, we can check off your to do list all at once.

If you’re looking for the best window washing and other services around, look no further than the world-class pressure washing ASF Clean Team. Get a free quote today.

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