4 Signs It’s Time Your San Francisco Business Needs Commercial Window Cleaning

Keeping your business looking its best is essential to a successful operation. But what about the windows? When is it time for commercial window cleaning in San Francisco? Here are some signs that you need the pros at ASF Clean Team to come and clean your business’ windows. 

The Main Signs You Need Commercial Window Cleaning in San Francisco 

Streaks and Smudges 

Perhaps the most obvious sign that you need an expert commercial window cleaner to spruce up your storefront is streaks and smudges on your windows. 

Streaks occur when dirt or dust accumulates on the window, then gets mixed with water during rain or snowfall. As the water evaporates, streaks of various sizes and shapes will be left behind. 

Smudges can be caused by anything from dirt particles to fingerprints, but both streaks and smudges can make your business look unprofessional — and that’s definitely not good for business.

Cloudy Windows 

Another sign that it might be time for professional assistance for commercial window cleaning is cloudy windows. 

This happens when a buildup of calcium or other minerals accumulates on the glass, obscuring your view of the outside world — not to mention making it difficult for passersby to see inside your business. 

A professional window cleaner has the right tools and techniques to get rid of this pesky mineral buildup quickly and easily, so you can enjoy clear views again. 

Dirty Screens 

It’s not just your windows that need professional attention; screens can also become dirty over time if they’re not properly maintained. 

Dirty screens can cause all kinds of problems, from preventing natural light from entering your building to obstructing airflow. 

Not only do dirty screens look bad, but they can also create health hazards for you and your employees.

Grimy Window Frames

Window frames are often forgotten during cleaning services, but they should not be overlooked.  Frames are especially prone to dust accumulation and mold growth because they are constantly exposed to the elements. 

In addition, pollen may get stuck between frame crevices which can lead to respiratory issues if left unchecked for too long. 

If you notice any visible buildup around your window frames or panes, it’s time for a professional window cleaning service.

Why You Should Get Your Commercial Window Cleaning Done Regularly

Windows can provide your business with a stunning view of the San Francisco skyline, allowing natural light to pour into your space. But that view is blocked by streaks and dirt that accumulate on windows over time. 

Not only does this affect the beauty of your business, but it also affects the health of your employees and customers.

Keeping up with regular window cleaning is essential if you want to avoid costly repairs down the line caused by dirt buildup on your windows’ frames or glass panes themselves. 

Trust the Experts – ASF Clean Team

When it comes time for commercial window cleaning in San Francisco, turn to ASF Clean Team. We have years of experience serving a diverse array of clients — from “mom and pop” stores to corporate office towers — with state-of-the-art equipment and safe cleaning methods using minimal chemicals. 

Don’t let ugly streaks or smudges, cloudy windows, grimy frames or dirty screens keep people away from your businesses. Call ASF Clean Team today! With ASF Clean Team, you will enjoy beautiful views again in no time.

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