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Solar Panel Cleaning

Clean solar panels are efficient solar panels. That’s why you need to get solar panel cleaning services from ASF Clean Team!

You Got Solar Panels to Save Money and the Environment

When your solar panels were brand new you were probably impressed with their performance. They were soaking up all the rays and converting that into energy savings for you. That said, have you noticed a slow-down in performance over time?

From your vantage point you may not notice that your panels aren’t as clean as they once were. Unfortunately though, everything that’s outside gets dirty over time. Fine dirt, dust, and other debris settle on surfaces. On your solar panels, this coating prevents the sun’s rays from fully getting through.

Rain and Hose Water Won’t Do the Job

Over time you’ll see that your solar panels just don’t perform as they used to. While you might assume that the rain will wash away any build-up, the truth is that rain doesn’t get solar panels clean. In fact, it usually leaves behind extra residue. 

Another common misconception is that you can just spray your panels off with the hose and they’ll be as good as new. While it would certainly make for a speedy solution, using hose water actually causes more harm than good. Hose water is not filtered, so it leaves behind minerals such as calcium that build up on your panels.

Washing solar panels with soap and water is another well-intentioned but bad idea. Soap never completely washes away. What you’re left with is a residue that makes your panels even less efficient.

Restore Your Solar Panels to Their Former Glory

So, what’s the solution? There must be a way to get solar panels back to their original glory! There is! ASF Clean Team can get your solar panels back to their former sparkling and efficient selves. We do more than just spectacular window washing in San Francisco and Sacramento. We also clean solar panels. Using state-of-the-art equipment that filters the water, we get solar panels perfectly clean and energy-efficient. 

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, dust, dirt, and grime can degrade solar panel efficiency by up to 25%.

Call ASF Clean Team to maximize your energy efficiency with solar panel cleaning services today!

Popular Questions

With commercial services we have to answer that question on a case-by-case basis: it depends. Once we’ve generated a bid, we can give you an accurate estimate of the time it will take to do the job right. We CAN promise you this: our team will show up on time, look sharp, work professionally, and minimize any disruption to your business.

On the larger commercial jobs, we may require a deposit before work can commence. If that is the case, we’ll let you know well in advance. Some of our ongoing clients have set up “Net 30 Billing” with our accounting department; give us a call if you are interested in that. Typically, though, it’s no different than residential jobs! Payment is due upon completion of service, and you can use any of the methods listed below. 1. Hand us a check in person after we finish our services! 2. Mail in a check to our office 3. Pay with Credit Card over the phone 4. Use the link on your final invoice! Note – we do not accept cash!

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