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Soft Washing

soft washing

You’ve probably heard of pressure washing, but have you ever heard the term “soft washing”? While not as widely talked about, soft washing plays an important role in the cleaning world too.

Not every surface is ideally suited to pressure or power washing. The forceful spray that those techniques employ can damage some surfaces. Such cases need a gentler approach to a deep clean.

Soft Washing Will Clean Those Tricky Surfaces 

Soft washing is a low-pressure cleaning method with hot water usually employing a detergent to aid with the cleaning process. The process uses a much lower water pressure per square inch (or PSI). This cleaning method allows for effective cleaning, while protecting surfaces that otherwise would get damaged from your standard pressure washing. At ASF Clean Team we provide commercial and residential soft washing services in San Francisco, Sacramento and all nearby areas.

So, you may be wondering what this low-pressure method cleans. Well … quite a bit, actually. Soft washing removes substances such as mildew, fungus, moss, algae, and so much more! The very hot water, in combination with our environmentally safe cleaning solutions, neutralizes and lifts these substances from more delicate surfaces, such as the exteriors of older homes.

Let’s Take a Less Forceful Approach

While pressure washing gets a lot of the glory with its ultra-quick transformations, not every situation calls for or can withstand such intensity. Some instances require a less heavy-handed approach.

Got a more delicate surface that could use some attention? ASF Clean Team can help with that! While we are known for our window cleaning in San Francisco and Sacramento, we provide plenty of other quality cleaning services as well.

You can trust ASF Clean Team to make your home or office shine again. We use only the best cleaning equipment and products to bring your home or office building back to life. Get in touch with us today to find out what we can do for you!

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