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Commercial Graffiti Removal

a man removes graffiti from commercial storefront

You work hard and you want your office space to be reflective of your professionalism and stellar reputation. First impressions are important. The truth is, no matter your work ethic or skill set, if potential customers are turned off before they ever get through the doors, you lose out. We can help with our commercial graffiti removal services!

First Impressions Make All the Difference in Business

There’s nothing more frustrating than showing up to work, only to find that a tagger has left their mark on your previously pristine office space. It’s definitely not the first impression you want to make. And you likely want it removed as soon as possible. We don’t blame you! 

No matter the size or type of business you own, you want your building to be representative of the work you do. You don’t want it to look run-down or uncared for. It’s a discouraging scenario to say the least. But there is something that can be done.

ASF Clean Team wants to be your Ally in the War On Graffiti.

Many business owners wonder if the look of their building can ever be restored. The good news is that there is hope. In fact, with the right equipment, training, and products, most surfaces can be completely cleaned up. You won’t have to wait long either.  

We know from long experience that the quicker you erase “tags” and graffiti, the better. Power washing with a biodegradable emulsifier will remove graffiti from most surfaces. We have that capability.

Let ASF Clean Team Restore Your First Impression

Hopefully, you won’t ever have to deal with a graffiti incident, but in case you do, we’re here to help. ASF Clean team are your San Francisco and Sacramento commercial graffiti removal experts. We have the expertise, tools, and products necessary for thorough graffiti removal. We’ll get your workspace back up to your usual standards. We act fast too. Often, we can get to you in 48 hours or less. Contact us to learn more!

Popular Questions

On average, our residential services take 2 to 3 hours to complete. Of course, it depends on a variety of factors such as what services we are performing and the size of the home! We’ll give you a more exact time estimate after you receive your quote!

Nope! As long as we have full access to the entire exterior of the house (and we aren’t cleaning any inside windows), we’re all set!

1.Hand us a check in person after we finish our services! 2. Mail in a check to our office 3. Pay with Credit Card over the phone 4. Use the link on your final invoice! Note – we do not accept cash!

Tips are always very appreciated by our field team, but aren’t entirely necessary. If you do decide to tip, it must be directly to the team — not added on to the invoice amount.

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