Prep Your Business for Re-Opening with a Deep Clean

With the announcement from the CDC that it is safe for vaccinated individuals to resume normal life without a mask, you may be feeling more comfortable about re-opening your business soon. But, what is this going to look like? Your business space has been sitting unoccupied for over a year now, with dust and grime everywhere. Where do you even start to clean? Don’t stress; we can help you prep your business for re-opening with a deep clean.

Put on the Pressure

Before you re-open your business, you’re going to want to have a cleaning team come through and do a deep clean. Our power and pressure washing services can help get that job done. We’ll clean your space while wearing suits and masks to make sure that everything stays safe and sanitary, and that you and your employees do too. Once we’re done, we’ll walk through the building with you to make sure everything looks as good as new. 

Not only will we clean your space with this service, but we’ll also disinfect and sanitize it. You can feel confident in returning to a safe work space.

Wash the Windows

Windows may be last on your list of things to clean when re-opening your business, but we promise it will be worth it. Your windows have been getting dirty for over a year now, with no one to clean them. You’re going to get back to the office and your natural light will be dimmed by all of the dust and grime. So, be sure to incorporate window washing into your deep clean to keep your serotonin levels up all summer.

Sparkling Solar Panels

Does your business run on solar energy? If so, you’ll also want your solar panels deep cleaned before you re-open. Dirty solar panels produce less energy, and ruin any savings you had on your utilities bill. But, with just a quick clean, they’ll be sparkling and working as good as new. 

It’s important to have a professional perform this service, not just for safety, but because the wrong supplies can make your solar panels dirtier. Our state of the art equipment leaves your solar panels sparkling and our filtered water dries clear, so there is no residue to block your energy.

Prep with ASF Clean Team

Are you looking for a clean way to prep your business for re-opening with a deep clean? At ASF Clean Team, we only use the best equipment and really hot water to get the job done. We don’t use any chemicals because the water, at the temperature we use, gets all three jobs (cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting) done without them.

If that hasn’t sold you, we are also insured and will take before and after photos so you can be confident in the work. And you don’t even have to remember when we’re coming — we’ll text you reminders! Contact ASF Clean Team today to learn more about what we do and how we can serve your business. Don’t waste your time with a subpar clean; ASF Clean Team only provides the best.

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