Our Ultimate Guide to Caring for Solar Panels

solar panel cleaning

Whether you already have solar panels or are looking to get some, you know that it’s a wonderful investment. And, it’s an investment you need to care for. If you want to get maximum use out of your solar panels, you have to take care of them. But, do you know how? At ASF Clean Team, we have a lot of experience caring for solar panels. So, we put together this guide to help you take care of yours.

Keep Your Solar Panels Clean

The most important part in caring for solar panels is just keeping your solar panels clean. You may have heard that you don’t need to clean your solar panels because Mother Nature does the work for you. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this just isn’t true. Sure, it seems like rain will clean your solar panels for you, but it really just moves the dirt around.

Think about your car. If your car is dirty, you take it to a car wash. But wait, it’s supposed to rain tomorrow. So do you still take your car to the car wash today? No, you don’t, and it’s not because the rain will clean your car. The rain itself is dirty, and if you wash your car, it’ll get all dirty again. But you still have to take your car to the car wash because the rain doesn’t actually clean it. 

You can apply this same logic to your solar panels. If it rains, the dirt will just be rearranged on your solar panels. Instead, you need to actually clean your solar panels, like taking your car to a car wash. The only difference is that cleaning your car only impacts aesthetics, while cleaning solar panels impacts functionality. With dirt built up, the sun isn’t directly hitting your solar panels, and you’re not getting the energy you need. But if you clean your solar panels, you will boost your energy.

Never Use Hose Water

So, you need to clean your solar panels. But how do you clean them? Do you clean them with a hose like your car? Absolutely not. You should never use hose water on your solar panels.

Why? Well, it’s the same concept as the rain. Hose water isn’t pure, filtered water. It is water that also has minerals and other deposits in it. So when you clean your solar panels with hose water, you’re getting them somewhat cleaner than the rain. But there will still be streaks left behind along with mineral deposits, that will affect your solar panels’ efficiency. So, skip the hose and opt for a cleaning method that leaves your solar panels sparkling.

Use the Best Tools for the Best Clean

We now know that you can’t use hose water to clean your solar panels. So how can you get the best clean? Should you just get a couple of gallons of filtered water, get up there, and clean them by hand? While we’re sure that would be entertaining, it’s not really efficient nor effective.

To truly get the best clean, you need the best tools. Otherwise, you just won’t get a sparkling finish on your solar panels and have them working like they’re brand new. If you go to your local hardware store, though, you won’t find anything on their shelves that will do the job right.

But, at ASF Clean Team, we have the tools needed for solar panel cleaning. We took your idea of getting some filtered water to clean and made it 1000x easier. Our tools filter the water as they go, so no mineral deposits are left behind. They’re designed specifically to clean solar panels—something you won’t find at the hardware store. There won’t be any streaks left behind. Our tools are longer than tools you may be looking at to clean those hard-to-reach places, like on top of your roof. And to top it all off, they’re operated by a professional, meaning you don’t have to worry about accidentally damaging your solar panels while cleaning them.

Take Advantage of the Daylight

As the seasons change, days get shorter and nights get longer. When you got your solar panels, you were probably thinking about how sunny it is outside and not about the nighttime. So now that fall and winter have come around, you’re starting to realize your solar panels aren’t as efficient as they could be. 

We’ve discussed that the cleanliness of your solar panels is directly related to how well they function. If there is a layer of dirt and debris on your solar panels, they’re not going to absorb energy from the sun as well. You may not have noticed it during the spring and summer since the days were longer, but now that they’re shorter, you’re starting to notice the effect on your energy.

It is especially important to get a professional solar panel cleaning in fall and winter. There are fewer hours of sunlight each day, which means your solar panels have less time to absorb the energy your home needs. A professional clean is the best clean, and the best way to ensure your solar panels are working efficiently. 

Start Caring for Solar Panels 

Whether you haven’t bought your solar panels yet or have owned them for years, it’s never too late to learn how to care for them properly. We offer both residential solar panel cleaning services and commercial solar panel cleaning services to meet all of your needs.

Clean energy is important to solar panel owners, and we understand that. We actually have a similar value: we only use environmentally-friendly cleaning products for our services, and often we only use water to get the job done. So, there’s no making excuses! If you truly want your solar panels to produce clean energy efficiently, we have you covered.

Contact ASF Clean Team online today to get a free quote. We’ll be happy to discuss the best ways we can help you in caring for solar panels.

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