Make Your Business Shine with Pressure Washing

We all know that most people don’t enjoy cleaning. But it’s a part of life. And the reality is, if you don’t like cleaning the inside of your business, you probably haven’t even given a thought to cleaning the outside of your business. That’s okay, because we have. With our years of experience in the cleaning business we know that you can make your business shine with pressure washing.

What is Pressure Washing?

If you’re looking to make your business shine, you’ve probably heard of both pressure washing and power washing. They sound similar, but they’re slightly different. Pressure washing uses normal temperature water at high pressure to clean surfaces, while power washing uses hot water. That’s really the only difference, except for the fact that hot water can help clean dirt and grime a little bit faster. So why do we use pressure washing?

Why Should You Choose Pressure Washing?

Power washing and pressure washing are both great cleaning options, and we offer both at ASF Clean Team. However, if you’re looking to clean the exterior of your business, we recommend pressure washing. Power washing can be faster, but it’s not safe for all surfaces. It’s best used for concrete surfaces, like parking lots. Pressure washing will give you the same results as power washing, but is safer for your building. 

Should You Pressure Wash Your Building Regularly?

The best way to ensure a shining building is with regular pressure washing. Let’s be honest: rain in California is few and far between, so you likely won’t get a natural clean. Plus, when it does rain, there will likely be enough dirt built up that you’ll be left with streaks. When you choose pressure washing from ASF Clean Team, we’ll make sure that doesn’t happen. 

The definition of “regularly scheduled” pressure washing is all up to you. Some businesses like pressure washing services at the change of the seasons, some businesses like monthly services, and others choose to do it once a year or whenever it seems necessary. There are many variables to consider, such as the size and location of your building, and the type of business you have. For example, businesses in industrial areas may need more regular servicing than those off the beaten path. It truly is up to you.

Why Do I Need My Business to Shine?

You may be wondering, “My building seems clean enough, why do I need it to shine?” Think of yourself as a consumer: Are you more likely to enter a business that is sparkling clean, or one that is just clean-ish? A sparkling clean building is going to attract more foot traffic, and that’s why we strive to leave every client with a sparkling finish.

At ASF Clean Team, we understand how important a shining building is, but also how important your job is. That’s why we only ask that you’re present for the first pressure washing service; after that, we just need access to your building’s exterior. We’ll take before and after pictures so you can see the shine yourself. Request a bid today to get started.

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