Make Holiday Window Displays Shine with Window Washing

holiday window washing

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Halloween has passed, Thanksgiving is here, and winter holidays are just around the corner. Many stores have already switched over to their holiday window displays. The one downside of a beautiful display, though, is fingers touching the glass while they excitedly point out their favorite views. Not to worry, though. You can make your holiday window displays shine with window washing.

How do windows get dirty anyway?

Before setting up your holiday display, you probably worked on cleaning your windows really well. After all, they need to be clean for people to enjoy your display. So how do they get dirty, especially on the inside, if you just cleaned them?

It’s pretty easy to understand how the outside of windows get dirty. People touch them. Bump into them. If your storefront is actually outside and not in a mall, nature does its work dirtying up your windows, too. But the inside is just a puzzle you can’t crack.

The inside of your windows get dirty just like the outside. They may not be as easy for people to touch, but you’ll still have dust pile up on them. And there will be some bumping, even if it’s just from you when you’re cleaning. 

But there’s another culprit you probably haven’t considered: your cleaning products. If you aren’t using professional window washing products, your cleaner will still leave some residue behind. And your windows won’t be as clean as they could be. At ASF Clean Team, we use eco-friendly cleaners and just plain water to get the job done. So, there won’t be any grime left behind.

How can you make holiday window displays shine?

Your holiday display is already set up and ready to go. So how are we going to make those windows shine without messing it up? The short answer is that we’re professionals. We’re not going to be climbing through your display with a bottle of window cleaner and some paper towels. 

Instead, we have professional equipment we use. This includes equipment with long necks, helping us clean those hard to reach places. We’ll use our equipment, water, and eco-friendly cleaning products to make your windows absolutely gleam. 

All of the grime and dust will be cleaned up from not just the window panes, but every part of the window. This means that your display can have all of the attention, not the dirt and grime. And our technique ensures that no streaks are left behind on the windows, like your basic window cleaner may leave.

Get ready for the holidays

You have so many things on your to-do list for the holidays. When you check your list twice, you can go ahead and cross “window washing” off. Just give ASF Clean Team a call. We’ll be happy to discuss your window washing needs and how we can make your holiday season a little bit easier. Or, if you prefer, you can get a free quote online. We hope to hear from you soon.

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