Why You Need to Work With an Insured Window Washing Team

insured window washing

There’s a reason you likely don’t wash your windows yourself: not only do you not want to, but it can be dangerous. If you work in a high rise building or have a home with multiple stories, you have to use a ladder to clean the exterior windows. It’s an accident just waiting to happen. This, among other reasons, is why you need to work with a properly insured window washing team. Most homeowners and property insurance policies do not cover claims for injuries and accidents for hired help.

What Does Window Washing Insurance Cover?

Accidents happen. They’re just a part of life. And when you’re climbing ladders to clean windows, they’re almost guaranteed — no matter how much training and experience the window washers have.

Window washing insurance covers different things, depending on the type of insurance. It is common for window washing insurance coverage to include:

  • Workers Compensation and Employer’s Liability
  • Commercial General Liability – $1 million for each occurrence
  • Commercial Automobile Liability Insurance – $1 million for each occurrence
  • Umbrella Liability Insurance – $15 million for each occurrence
  • Injury to the window washing team members while on the job
  • Injury to third parties during the window washing (for example, if a tool falls and hits a passerby)
  • Damage to the windows and property as a result of the service(s) performed
  • Auto coverage driving to and from job sites

Not all window washing teams have the same insurance coverage, so you may want to ask about the specific coverage when you find out whether or not a company is insured. This way, you know exactly what you could be held liable for if you hire that team.

Why Is It Important for Window Washers to Have Insurance?

Workers Compensation and Employer’s Liability Insurance is required in the State of California to legally operate to protect their employees and property owners. However, a lot of service providers and window cleaners do not carry them. So why is it important for you to work with a team that has insurance? Because the insurance does not only protect the team; it protects you and your assets.

No one wants to pay for bills, whether they’re medical bills, auto bills, equipment bills, or something else. If a window washer is uninsured and they incur a bill while on your property, they’re not going to want to pay. So who are they going to try to get to pay the bill? You and your property insurance. Most property insurance doesn’t cover hired contractors or hired help. And if you do have that coverage, imagine the hike in your rate after just one claim. 

With an insured window washing team, you don’t have to worry about that. Workers’ comp? Covered. Third party injury? Covered. Damage to their property? Covered. Damage to your property? Believe it or not … covered. 

How Can I Find an Insured Window Washing Team?

It’s clear why you need to work with an insured window washing team. Not just for their protection, but yours, too. To find out if a window washing service team is insured, the easiest place to look is their website. If you can’t find any information there, just ask! When you request service from ASF Clean Team, ask about our insured team. We’ll endorse you and your property and send you a copy of a certificate of insurance.

If your building is in the San Francisco Bay area or Sacramento, the easiest way is to go with ASF Clean Team! ASF Clean Team is insured and provides the best cleaning service in the area. Plus, we only use very hot water and state-of-the-art equipment to get the job done. You’ll have peace of mind knowing the team you hired an insured team, and not using harmful chemicals. Get a free quote today!

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