How to Protect Your Historic Home with a Gentle Clean

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One of the amazing benefits of living in the San Francisco area is that many of us are able to live in historic homes. These homes have been around for decades and truly mean something to our community. It’s not just another house. And because of that, you need to treat it as such. Therefore, you need to protect your historic home with a gentle clean.

Protect Your Historic Home

When you live in a historic home, you are trusted with its upkeep. You are trusted to ensure that it remains historic and is not damaged (to the best of your ability) while under your care. Of course there are always circumstances that you do not have control over, but you can control the cleanliness of your historic home.

In order to protect your historic home, you need to keep it clean, inside and out. The more build up there is, the more likely your home is to be damaged. Letting dirt and debris pile up can negatively impact your home’s integrity. So even though you may not think the outside of your home needs to be cleaned, it does. 

Why a Gentle Clean?

Okay so your historic home needs to be kept clean to keep it in shape. But why a gentle clean? Why can’t you just go at it with your power washer?

Historic homes are not built like homes today are. These homes were designed before tools like power washers were invented, and were built before the cleaning chemicals used today were common. Plus, they’re just older. They are not made to withstand the harshness of a power wash, especially with chemicals. In fact, some of today’s houses shouldn’t even be power washed; they should be cleaned using a technique called soft washing.

What is Soft Washing?

Soft washing is very similar to pressure washing and power washing. In fact, it’s pretty much the same technique. The only difference is the pressure. Instead of a high pressure, soft washing uses low pressure.

The low pressure is going to help protect your historic home because it isn’t as harsh as the other methods. The water and our state-of-the-art equipment can get the job done while still maintaining the integrity of your home. On the other hand, if you used a higher pressure and, as a result, a harsher cleaning method, your home would be clean but possibly at the cost of its integrity. When there are methods for a gentle clean available that are just as effective and easy, there is no reason to try a more forceful method.

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At ASF Clean Team in San Francisco, we have plenty of experience cleaning and protecting historic homes. As a locally-owned, small business, we know how important maintaining a historic home is. If you’re unsure of the best cleaning method for your home, don’t worry. We’ll help you figure everything out. Contact us today to request a quote and prepare to bring back the beauty of your historic home.

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