How to Get the Best Efficiency from Your Solar Panels in San Francisco

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There are several reasons why people choose to install solar panels on their home. Solar panels are environmentally friendly, are energy efficient, and help you save money. But, solar panel owners tend to find that the longer they have solar panels, the less efficient they are. Why is that? Let’s talk through how to get the best efficiency from your solar panels. 

Why are my solar panels losing efficiency?

Over time, it may appear that your solar panels are losing energy efficiency. Your power isn’t working as well and your energy bills are going up. Solar panels were supposed to have the opposite effect, so what’s going on?

Solar panels typically don’t take much work to maintain. They’re built to be kept outside, which means they can withstand harsh elements. However, that doesn’t mean they’ll remain 100% functional if you just have them set up and forget about them. There is some minimum maintenance they need!

Like anything else, solar panels get dirty. This dirt and dust builds up and creates a barrier between the sun and your solar panels. You likely won’t notice a difference at first, but as dirt continues to build up, that barrier will get thicker. As the barrier thickens, less sunlight gets through to your solar panels and they become less efficient. So even though you don’t have to worry about a lot of maintenance for your solar panels, you do need to keep them clean to ensure the best efficiency. 

How do I keep my solar panels clean?

Keeping your solar panels clean is easier said than done. Not just any cleaning method will work. Some people will tell you that the rain can do the work for you, but that just isn’t true. The rain is dirty itself, and since it comes down in droplets, it will really just rearrange the dirt on your solar panels.

So what do you do then? Just clean it off with a hose? Well, that doesn’t really work, either. Your hose water will clean the dirt better than the rain, but it will leave mineral deposits behind, still creating a barrier between your solar panels and the sun.

So what’s the solution then? The best way to keep your solar panels clean and ensure the best efficiency is to have them professionally cleaned. And if you live in the San Francisco area, that means calling ASF Clean Team.

Solar panel cleaning with ASF Clean Team

At ASF Clean Team, we use professional tools specifically designed for solar panel cleaning. These tools filter the water as we clean your solar panels, so no mineral deposits or residue will be left behind. Our tools even help get a streak-free clean, which you wouldn’t be able to get with a hose or a towel. This means your solar panels will be sparkling like new.

Efficiency is a great benefit of solar panels, but they’re not efficient if they’re not clean. If you want to get the best efficiency out of your solar panels, and the best efficiency out of a cleaning team, get in touch with ASF Clean Team today.

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