How to Clean Up After Fire Season in California

professional window cleaners cleaning after fire season

According to CA.GOV, California has endured over 4,679 wildfires thus far in the 2022 fire season, covering more than 50,000 acres. That’s quite a bit of clean up! We know we can’t help everyone affected by these statistics, although we wish we could. However, we can certainly help those in the San Francisco area who need to tidy up after nearby wildfires leave a mess on our homes or businesses. Let our team of experts at ASF Clean Team alleviate the stress that comes with the aftermath of fire season in California. We can take care of it, so you don’t have to. 

Why hire someone to clean up after fire season?

Most of the information you read about cleaning up after wildfires in California calls for a number of chemical compounds to be used. But most of our customers in San Francisco prefer not to handle that stuff, and would rather their cleaning companies use the most natural ingredients possible during fire clean up. Ash and soot already have unsavory side effects if you happen to come into contact with them or breath them in. You don’t want the cleaning solutions used to be bad for you, as well!

ASF Clean Team focuses on using the safest clean up products and techniques available. This is just one of the areas we specialize in. Are you a business owner dealing with ash? We’ve got you covered. Is your home and driveway covered in soot and ash? We will take care of it, so you can relax and enjoy all things pumpkin spice this fall.

We are more than happy to help get your San Francisco home or business in tip-top shape so you can take care of your family, staff, or all of the above.

We have the proper attire and tools for this type of clean up around San Francisco homes and businesses. We will get the job done in a timely manner, so you can get back to the more important things in life, like spending time with your loved ones or catching a football game. Go ‘Niners!

What makes ASF Clean Team your best choice for fire clean up in San Francisco? 

Our fully-insured and highly-trained team uses state-of-the-art equipment, along with safe disinfectant products. We also offer pressure washing, power washing, and soft washing as needed. Pressure washing is the temperature of tap water, power washing is hot water, and cold water is used for soft washing. We use different methods as needed to ensure that the job is done with accuracy and efficiency. We assure you that we will use the correct method to remove soot and ash from your windows, roof, solar panels, and driveway for a job well done.

At ASF Clean Team, our number-one priority is client satisfaction. We know that clean up after the California fire season can be a daunting task. Reach out to ASF Clean Team for a free quote today, and let our experts take care of you so that you can enjoy the beauty of your home or business once again.

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