How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost in the Bay Area?

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Window cleaning cost in the Bay Area can range from just $100 to over $500 per visit. A lot of the time, it depends on the number and location of windows that you need to be cleaned. But sometimes, it comes down to who you’re trusting to clean your windows. It can be difficult to spend more money for what seems to come down to essentially the same service. But, there are some things to consider when you’re comparing window cleaning costs in the Bay Area.

What is the window cleaner’s reputation?

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a window cleaning company is its reputation. Sure, your uncle’s friend’s cousin Bob may do a great job cleaning windows. But you’re just taking their word for it. There likely aren’t any reviews or anything for you to consider.

You can’t just trust anyone cleaning your windows, especially in a two-story residential home or a high-rise office building. Anything that involves a ladder leaves a lot of liability on the property owner. That is, unless you go with a reputable window company, like ASF Clean Team, that has insurance for all of their employees. It’s not a legal requirement for window cleaning companies to have insurance, but it’s always a good idea to make sure you hire one that does.

What tools are the window cleaners using?

Another factor in the cost of window cleaning is the tools that the company, or individual cleaner, is using. Are they using professional tools? Or are they coming to your home with a bottle of cleaning spray from the dollar store? You can wipe down your windows yourself with cleaning spray and a towel; you’re not going to pay someone else to do that. 

At ASF Clean Team, we use professional tools for our residential window cleaning and commercial window cleaning services. Our tools filter the water as we use them and we don’t use any chemicals, so there is no residue left behind.

What services are included in window cleaning cost in the Bay Area?

When you’re comparing window cleaning costs in the Bay Area, you’re not always comparing apples to apples. Every company is going to offer a little bit of a different service. Many places will just clean your window pane and nothing else. Sure, that’ll give you a clear view, but what about the rest of the mess, like the frames, tracks, and sills?

At ASF Clean Team, we include more than just your window panes in our window cleaning services. We’ll also clean your window frames, tracks, and sills. So, you don’t have to touch all that nasty grime and dust after we leave. Plus, we offer additional cleaning services, so you can check more than one item off your list with one call.

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You will find a wide range of window cleaning costs in the Bay Area. When you’re deciding on the company to go with, be sure to consider all of these factors when looking at cost. Get the best bang for your buck and call ASF Clean Team for a quote today.

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