How Clean Solar Panels Boost Clean Energy

a set of clean solar panels boost energy in the sunset

Ah, solar panels. You probably got them thinking they would help save money on your electric bill, and are better for the environment. Those points are true! But, you may have also thought they were something you could get and then forget about. This, unfortunately, is not true. If you want your solar panels to truly fulfill their purpose, you have to give them some attention in the form of cleaning. Why? Well, here’s how clean solar panels boost clean energy.

Why Clean Solar Panels are Important

When you first got your solar panels, you probably noticed amazing performance. But, as time has gone on, that output has slowly gotten less impressive. This is because your solar panels have progressively been collecting dirt, even if they’re positioned at an angle. And this is especially true in California, where we get limited rain, so solar panels get very dusty here. Think about any surface in your home. If you leave it alone without cleaning it long enough, it’s going to collect dust, no matter what angle. So, the same is going to happen with your solar panels.

Now think of your phone’s camera lens. If you have a fingerprint or dirt on it, your picture is going to be blurry until you clean it off. The same concept applies to solar panels. If there is a layer of dirt, they are going to have a harder time getting energy from the sun, which then affects your energy. But, with clean solar panels, they will be able to receive energy like they did when they were brand new.

Cleaning Solar Panels

So, now that you know how clean solar panels boost clean energy, how do you get clean solar panels? Unlike cleaning surfaces in your home or your phone’s camera lens, solar panels are pretty picky about how they like to be cleaned. You can’t just use any old cleaner, or even hose water, to clean your solar panels. Cleaning with the wrong materials can leave a residue or mineral buildup on your solar panels, leaving you with solar panels that are no cleaner than before.

So, how do you get clean solar panels if you can’t clean them yourself? Leave it to the professionals. At ASF Clean Team, we know that clean energy is important to you, so we use chemical-free cleaning methods to clean your solar panels (and everything else). We only use state-of-the-art equipment and very hot water to clean your solar panels. 

But how is this different from doing it yourself? Our equipment filters the water so there is no mineral buildup or residue left after the cleaning. It also dries clear, so there aren’t any spots left like after it rains or you use hose water. Your solar panels are left sparkling like they are brand new, boosting your clean energy.

Are you ready to boost your clean energy? Contact ASF Clean Team today to get a free quote. We service both residential and commercial buildings, and since your solar panels are outside, you don’t even have to be there when we come clean.

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