Hot Pressure Washing Eliminates the Need for Harsh Chemicals

man hot pressure washing without harsh chemicals

In your effort to go green, you may be looking for ways to clean the exterior of your home with environmentally friendly products and methods. Did you know that hot pressure washing eliminates the need for harsh chemicals? It does! Hot pressure washing is one of the most eco-friendly cleaning methods, using little to no chemicals at all to get that sparkling finish. Here’s how.

Why You Should Avoid Harsh Chemicals When Cleaning Your Home’s Exterior

There are a multitude of reasons why you should avoid harmful cleaning products, but here are some of the top reasons why:

Harsh Chemicals are Bad for the Environment

Strong cleaning products may sound more effective, and in some ways they are… but not in a good way. They could be rinsed into storm drains, which could end up in nearby water sources like San Francisco’s creeks and Bay, affecting the aquatic life and community. This could be severely detrimental to the local environment.

Harsh Chemicals Also Damage Your Home

It doesn’t end there. Harsh chemicals are not only harmful to the environment but could also cause damage to your home, like breaking down the asphalt in your driveway. Your home and property are a big investment of your time and money. So, invest in better cleaning solutions that not only get a deep clean, but don’t harm the environment or your home.

Hot Pressure Washing Cleans with Heat and Pressure, Not Chemicals!

Hot pressure washing does all of the same things harsh chemicals do — but with better, more eco-friendly results!

The Pressure Does the Deep Scrubbing

Some chemicals are used to break down stuck-on debris, so you can avoid deep scrubbing. With hot pressure washing, the pressure from the water is all we need to remove stubborn dirt and debris from the exterior of your home.

The Heat Does the Sanitizing

When it comes to sanitizing, sometimes all you need is just really hot water! Our professional-grade pressure washers use piping hot, filtered water to sanitize your exterior surfaces, like siding, stairs, decks, and driveways. So, between the pressure and heat, there’s no need for harsh chemicals when you use a hot pressure washer!

Hot Pressure Washing Services with ASF Clean Team

At ASF Clean Team, our goal is to not only provide the best services but to treat you and your property with absolute care and courtesy. Part of that goal is cleaning with products and methods that are environmentally friendly and don’t cause damage to your home.

We make it a point to avoid harsh chemicals. All of our tools provide a deep clean without chemicals. And if we do have to use them, we have carefully and professionally vetted them to ensure that they are green, gentle, and effective.

Go green with ASF Clean Team! We can deep clean the exterior of your San Francisco home with our hot pressure washing services and more. Contact us today for a custom quote or give us a call at our San Francisco office at (415) 367-0951.

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