High Rise Clean for the Holidays

a giant lit-up outdoor Christmas tree next to high rise clean building

It’s that time of year again for a high rise clean on your building. It’s getting dark outside earlier, but the holiday lights are going up. Working when it’s dark outside can be tough, but the lights make it so much better. Make sure your employees are getting enough Vitamin D and Christmas cheer by getting a high rise clean for the holidays.

Why do I need a high rise clean for the holidays?

The holiday season isn’t all jolly and bright. In fact, most of the day it’s dark. You wake up with the sun, but the sunshine is gone before you even leave work. 

When you’re in a high rise office building all day, the most important thing is getting that sunshine through the windows. Open blinds are great, but how long has it been since you’ve cleaned those windows? They may look clean, but any layers of dust are going to prevent the sunshine from coming in. It’s just like what we say about solar panels: if you want sunlight to be the most efficient, your (window) panels need to be sparkling clean.

Plus, when they’re clean, you can enjoy the view you’re paying for even more, including those Christmas lights.

Well won’t the building owners just clean the windows?

One of the biggest benefits of a high rise office space is the view out of the windows. You get to see the city, the lights, and the people, all from the comfort of your office. But, the downside is cleaning the windows. This service isn’t always included when you lease an office space. 

Since you’ve been in this office space, you’ve probably been cleaning the inside of the windows. If you have windows facing the hallway, you’ve probably cleaned those, too. But what about the outside windows? If you’re not a professional, you could seriously harm yourself trying to clean those. 

At ASF Clean Team, we have professionals who are trained in commercial window washing. We have the equipment necessary to perform these services safely. And, we provide insurance for all of our employees, so your company doesn’t need to worry about a thing. 

Give your employees the gift of clean

If you’re looking to give your employees a boost of holiday cheer this year, start with a high rise clean for the holidays. There are few things that make a work day more enjoyable than just being able to look out a clean window and enjoy the view. You’re paying for it, so you and your team should enjoy it to its fullest extent, especially during this time of year.

If you’re in the San Francisco area, call ASF Clean Team to get a quote and schedule your high rise window washing service. Don’t worry if you’ll be out of town during the season; as long as we can access your windows, you don’t need to be there. We’ll send you before and after pictures of your windows so you can truly see how they sparkle. 

We hope to hear from you soon, and hope that you have a happy holiday season.

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