Give the Gift of Clean to a Loved One

A gift of clean

The season of giving is here. Last month, we gave thanks for all we have. Now, we get to show our appreciation by giving gifts to our loved ones. The little ones are easy; they’ve had their wish lists ready for months. But what about that person in your life who insists they don’t need anything this year? You know—the person who could really use some help but won’t ask for it. This year, give the gift of clean to a loved one.

To the One Who Could Really Use a Break

We all know that one person who could really use a break. Maybe they’re a single parent running their kids everywhere while working. Maybe they’re not a single parent, but they’re still so busy they barely have time to sit down and eat. Or maybe none of that applies to them, but they could still really use a break.

When we’re busy, the last thing any of us wants to do is clean. We can find the motivation to clean the stuff that gets in our way, like laundry, toys, and dishes. But that deep cleaning? Forget about it. We can’t really be bothered with it inside the house, never mind the outside.

That’s why this year you should give the gift of clean to a loved one who could really use a break. Do they have solar panels you know haven’t been cleaned since they were installed? Could their home’s exterior just really use some pressure washing? Or maybe their windows are covered in fingerprints from little hands.

At ASF Clean Team, we have residential exterior detailing covered. And the best part is, your loved one doesn’t even have to be home when we stop by. We’ll send them a text to let them know we’re coming, but if they’re busy, we’ll send them before and after pictures. It’s the perfect gift for a busy friend who could really just use a little help.

To the Busy Business Owner

The gift of clean doesn’t stop at home. Do you know a business owner who is just really overwhelmed this holiday season? Or just in general? Take some stress off of their plate by giving them the gift of clean. Like our residential services, we have your commercial cleaning needs covered. 

Whether they own an office or a storefront, we will leave their business sparkling clean. And like our residential services, as long as we’re only servicing the exterior, they won’t even have to be there. We will need someone to let us in for our disinfecting and sanitizing services, though.

Give the Gift of ASF Clean Team

We all have someone in our lives who could use the gift of clean this holiday season. If your loved one lives in the San Francisco area, give them the gift of ASF Clean Team. We promise we’ll leave their home or business sparkling. Contact us today, and we will be in touch to make this thoughtful gift idea a reality.

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