Eco-Friendly Exterior House Cleaning Solutions

March 23, 2023Window Cleaning

Maintaining the cleanliness of your home’s exterior not only enhances its curb appeal but also prevents damage from dirt and debris buildup. However, traditional cleaning methods can have harmful effects on the environment, leading to soil erosion, water pollution, and other ecological problems. Fortunately, there are eco-friendly exterior house cleaning solutions that can help you maintain a clean home without harming the environment.

Pressure washing and chemical cleaners have long been the go-to methods for exterior cleaning. While these methods are effective, they can harm the environment. Chemical cleaners contain toxic ingredients that can seep into the soil and water systems, while pressure washing can cause soil erosion and damage plants and wildlife.

Fortunately, eco-friendly alternatives are available, and they are just as effective at cleaning your home’s exterior. Here are some eco-friendly exterior house cleaning solutions that you can consider:

Use Biodegradable Cleaners

When cleaning your home’s exterior, opt for biodegradable cleaners instead of traditional chemical cleaners. Biodegradable cleaners are made with natural ingredients that break down quickly and don’t harm the environment. They are free from toxic chemicals, making them safe to use around plants and wildlife.

Use Natural Cleaning Agents

In addition to biodegradable cleaners, you can also use natural cleaning agents to clean your home’s exterior. For instance, white vinegar is an excellent natural cleaner that can remove dirt and grime from different surfaces. Baking soda is also a useful natural cleaner that can clean outdoor furniture, grills, and even garage floors.

Use Soft Washing Techniques

Pressure washing is a popular cleaning method for exterior surfaces. However, it can cause soil erosion and damage to your home’s exterior surfaces. Soft washing is an eco-friendly alternative that uses low-pressure water and biodegradable cleaners to clean exterior surfaces effectively. It is gentle on surfaces, prevents damage, and is effective at removing dirt, grime, and stains.

Use Reusable and Recyclable Cleaning Materials

When cleaning your home’s exterior, consider using reusable and recyclable cleaning materials. For example, instead of using disposable cleaning wipes, use a washable cloth or a microfiber cloth. You can also use a reusable spray bottle to mix and apply cleaning solutions instead of purchasing a new one every time.

Water Conservation

Water is a precious resource, and it’s essential to conserve it whenever possible. When cleaning your home’s exterior, you can use water-conserving techniques such as using a bucket instead of a hose to wash surfaces, using a broom to sweep dirt and debris off surfaces, and collecting rainwater to use for cleaning.

Hire a Professional Eco-Friendly Cleaning Service

If you’re unable to clean your home’s exterior or prefer to have a professional do it for you, consider hiring a professional eco-friendly cleaning service. These services use eco-friendly cleaning methods and products, ensuring that your home is cleaned without harming the environment.

In conclusion, maintaining the cleanliness of your home’s exterior is essential, but it doesn’t have to harm the environment. By using eco-friendly exterior house cleaning solutions, you can keep your home clean and protect the environment at the same time. Biodegradable exterior house cleaner, natural cleaning agents, soft washing techniques, reusable and recyclable cleaning materials, water conservation, and hiring a professional eco-friendly cleaning service are all excellent options to consider when cleaning your home’s exterior.

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