Do I Need to Clean Solar Panels After a Wildfire in California?

clean solar panels

Unfortunately, ash from California wildfires can affect everything it touches, including your solar panels. You do need to clean solar panels after a wildfire in California. In fact, you should really be cleaning them every six months! Any sort of build-up on them can reduce their efficiency, and ash can reduce their efficiency by up to twenty percent. This can begin to negate the reasons you purchased them to begin with.

Safe and Effective Solutions to Clean Solar Panels

At ASF Clean Team, we have the proper equipment and supplies to ensure that your solar panels are as good as new after a wildfire in California. Did you know that you should never pressure wash your panels? That soap is bad for them? Even using a regular water hose to clean them can still leave behind residue that will prevent them from functioning properly. You don’t want that mixing with ash.

ASF Clean Team knows all the ins and outs of cleaning solar panels because we do it all the time. We are experts at caring for every part of a home’s exterior.  We will come to you prepared with the appropriate tools, water, and can even get things clean without the use of toxic chemicals ninety-nine percent of the time! We pride ourselves on doing things as naturally as possible for you, your family, and our environment. 

Our experts will come equipped with ladders, solutions appropriate for your solar panels, and water that is filtered so you don’t end up with hard water deposits after cleaning. Let us take all of the guesswork and potential extra work from getting it wrong out of the equation for you. We would hate to see you waste time and money trying to figure out what works to get clean solar panels if ash gets on them.

Insured Experts

We also have insured experts working on our team. This allows us to be on your property and roof without worry or concern over things going terribly wrong. Our employees are trained to be as safe as possible while caring for your home. You can kick back and relax while they work away to ensure your home is spotless and ready to go!

This also means you don’t have to climb any ladders to get to solar panels and risk your health. What would happen with family finances should you slip and fall while trying to clean your solar panels? Best case scenario you recover quickly from your injuries and your family is only mildly impacted by the incident. Don’t take the chance that it could be worse, and let our experts take care of things for you.

Make sure you are getting the most out of your solar panels after a wildfire in California by giving ASF Clean Team a call. Our team is trained and ready to go. We have the best tools, employees, and solutions to ensure that your solar panels are working in top condition all year long. Don’t wait until your warranty is voided because of damage from uncleaned solar panels. Reach out and schedule your bi-annual cleaning today. This will help you continue to save money long term. 

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