3 Reasons to Clean Your Home for Halloween

clean your home for Halloween

Ah, October. Spooky season is in full swing and Halloween is just around the corner. But do you know what makes this season extra spooky? It’s how dirty your house is. Leaves are falling, ash and dust are covering everything, and don’t even get us started on those cobwebs. If that’s not enough for you, here are 3 reasons to clean your home for Halloween.

Make space for the spooks

When Halloween comes around, you want to decorate. Whether it’s the jack-o-lanterns you carved out of pumpkins or plastic ones you bought from the store, you need a place to put them. You’re looking all over your porch, and it’s just dirty. You need a clean place to put your decorations, especially if they’re reusable. You don’t want them to be super dirty when you bring them back into your house.

Don’t scare off trick or treaters this Halloween with dirt on your doorstep and no pumpkins in sight. Clean your home for Halloween to make space for the spooks.

Are those cobwebs real?

There are some houses decorated for Halloween that are just spooky. You can tell the people who live there really love Halloween because they go all out. It’s almost like a haunted house!

But, there’s a difference between being a haunted house and being the scary house on the corner. A haunted house is something exciting that kids want to visit, even though it’s scary. A scary house is one of those houses that has rumors of ghosts living inside and a creepy backstory told through the generations.

One of the key differences between the two—haunted houses have fake cobwebs and scary houses have real cobwebs. Don’t be that scary house on the corner. Get rid of those real cobwebs before Halloween and make room for the fake ones.

The key to Halloween: Safety first

On Halloween, you’re going to have a lot of people visiting your home. From infants to teenagers, you’re going to see everyone in the neighborhood. And one of the most important things we teach these kids is to be safe on Halloween.

A dirty home can be unsafe for the children visiting. Is there ash and dust all over your porch? Is it covering your handrails and the light near your door? Are your street numbers visible so the kids can tell their parents which house they’re at when it’s time to be picked up?

These are only 3 reasons to clean your home for Halloween, and there are so many more. But we really encourage you to think about the safety of the children visiting your home. You don’t want them to slip and fall on your porch steps. And you want them to be able to see. 
But, you don’t have to do this cleaning yourself. You may not get to everything, or you may inadvertently leave the steps slipperier than they were before. Let the professionals at ASF Clean Team handle it. We’ll clean your home for Halloween, and can follow up after to clean up any Halloween mess. Reach out to us online to find out more.

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